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Focus, focus & focus

I’ve been working quite allot lately with small companies who want to boost their sales & marketing strategies. Most of them lost only few customers over the last 2-3 years due to the crisis, but unfortunately these few made huge impact on the annual reports. This is known factor within the business world as we know, and of course has a great impact on small and middle sized businesses especially.

As a graphic designer I sometimes need to attend hard meetings with my customers and think very carefully before I meet up with them what I am presenting. Mainly because I need to explain how this particular brand can be adjusted so my client will see positive changes. Not only visually, but overall - on both sales & marketing aspect where they distinctive them self’s from their competitors.

What I have seen in nearly all cases are companies who have lost focus or lack it, not necessarily internally but externally. People don’t recognize what they promote and offer and these customers often forget that after sales are much bigger then they think.

I am working with a client as I write this who is providing IT support along with hosting for small companies. As former owner of such business I know that this case would be hard, what I have learned from my “mistakes” is that focus on all IT services will be pretty hard case to deal with, and it will require personal sale assistant running around on meetings who “might” sell something “at some point”.

Going back into basics along with this client was the best move we could have taken, you go to McDonalds to get what ? Burgers. You go to to get movable-hosting space, Whole Foods to buy organic healthy food and so on. Small hosting companies are competing against each other day by day with the same products, but why then do the same as everyone else … This is time consuming and it takes long time to get credibility, facility and so on, we wanted to do something “wilder” and more different.

What we did was to specifically target his cash-cow product, the most sold product & even most valuable due to low running costs was even running his business model as today.

The problems we had to solve where quite simple:
A. People did not know the brand
B. People did not know what the company sold or serviced
C. Too wide service and product range made it complex (“we do everything” model)

This is all about the focus:
Brand name - What it offers

Hope this article helps someone out there ;)



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